Beware of Baby Foods

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Nutrition taking precedence over taste or vice-versa depends upon the taste buds of the individual and also the perception for health a person possesses. There have been a slew of campaigns on health, diet, and calories et al by which governments and non-profit organizations are constantly driving awareness in people. There are legislations aplenty like printing the calorific values of eatables- especially fast foods and junk food on the wrappers so consumers understand the nature of nutrition they consume. Despite many such regulations, bad diets continue to mar the food markets with gay abandon.

A recent study reveals that some baby foods are abound in sugar and fat than cheeseburgers and chocolate biscuits on the pretext of being healthy. Poor nutrition which otherwise would take a toll on a baby’s health seems to be the prevailing fact if another survey is to be reckoned with. The survey results on 100 baby foods exposed the absolute lack of nutrition and rather than being benign, they were found to be high in sugar and saturated fats. According to children’s food campaign joint coordinator Christine Haigh “… some are worse than junk food”.

Food manufacturers have a different yardstick to justify their stand in that they claim the studies and surveys are based only on a meager 100 gram basis, whereas ‘in total’ the foods had a relatively modest amount of sugar and fat.

Look into the other fact. Doctors in India feel that junk food is the cause of asthma in children- the truth, which couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment – on the ‘World Asthma Day’ observed every year on May 5. Childhood Asthma is on the rise in India, which Doctors attribute the probability of occurrence due to junk foods. The reasoning is that for normal development of the lungs, essential vitamins and minerals are necessary, which children do not get from junk food. The needle of suspicion point towards junk foods apart from reasons like genetics and environment, though doctors acknowledge that research is yet to be carried out in that direction.

If this is one side of the coin, a baby has been reported to consume nearly 3000 calories a day. Believe it or not! The consumption is staggering, which is 500 calories more than recommended for grown-up men. However, the prematurely born baby Agatha Holloway is fed with nutrition equivalent to 20,000 calories, as she was underweight as a sixteen month old and weighed only 17 pounds. Her diet consists of porridge with clotted cream for breakfast and toast with chocolate spread followed by mid morning snacks such as avocado and hummus. Fatty puddings, meat, roasts and foods drowned in olive oil, butter and cream are other generous doses of food that the baby has to eat for her health maintenance.

The general adherence to basics of abstinence from monounsaturated foods, fatty items and foods of high calorific values outweighs uncommon examples as above. Only the rarest of rare cases qualify for heavy inputs of fatty diets with caution and expert advice. And the need to think twice before going in for baby foods at random is another desideratum that would certainly reduce the problems of tiny toddlers to a greater extent.

Venkat Ramamurthy is a Freelance Writer from India and writes on different topics. He has a Diploma in ‘Freelance Journalism’ from ‘The Writers Bureau College of Journalism, Manchester, U.K. The college has awarded him the coveted ‘Red Seal Diploma’ for successful published Freelance Writer. He has several published works to his credit. His maiden work ‘One Indian’s View of Diet: How Food Habits Can Make or Break a Person’ was published in ‘The Positive Health’ published from Portsmouth U.K. His travel articles ‘Legacy of City of Pearls’, ‘The Seat of Nawabi Culture’ and articles on social malice ‘Far from Maddening Crowd’, ‘Operation Crush’ were aired in the web portal hyderabadnews.

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The Importance of Vitamin B Complex While Pregnant

40All the nutrients that a growing body needs can be acquired by following a healthy and nutrient-filled diet. A pregnant woman, however, often has troubles with following a prescribed diet. During pregnancy, a woman suffers from a manic appetite ranging from sugar cravings to loss of appetite; hence, a pregnant woman’s unstable appetite impairs her acquisition of a healthy and nutrient-filled diet.

The experience of morning sickness can contribute to a pregnant mother’s loss of appetite as well. Moreover, physiological abnormalities especially involving allergies and intolerance to some substance (such as milk in lactose-intolerant women) results in a deficiency of one valuable nutrient or another.

A pregnant woman’s body requires additional stocks of essential vitamins and nutrients to ensure her health and her baby’s. Folic acid, iron, and calcium are just some of the necessary nutrients required to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Apart from those already mentioned, doctors also emphasize on the importance of vitamin B, specifically vitamin B-6 stores.

The Importance of the Vitamin B Complex While Pregnant
Vitamin B is an octa-complex of water-soluble vitamins including: riboflavin (B2), thiamin (B1), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), pantothenic acid (B5), folic acid (B9), biotin (B7 or vitamin H), and cobalamin (B-12, also known as cyanocobalamin). These vitamins are abundant in meat, dairy products, liver, brewer’s yeast, whole-grain bread and cereals, nuts, eggs, rice, fruits and green leafy vegetables aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Moreover, the vitamin B octa-complex help the body establish a healthy immune and nervous system thereby protecting the body from attacks from bacteria, viruses, and other hazardous antibodies.

What are the Effects of vitamin B Ceficiency?
A deficiency in vitamin B has been associated with anemia in pregnant women which explains constant feelings of fatigue, breathlessness, and listlessness, and infections.

Because the B-vitamins are essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates (particularly thiamin or B1) to glucose which is used up by the body as energy, fats, and protein (particularly riboflavin or B2 and pantothenic acid or B5) and the synthesis and release of energy (niacin or B3 helps in the release of energy from nutrients), inadequate intake of foods rich in B-vitamins lead to high-blood pressure, unhealthy and dangerous cholesterol levels (which may lead to obesity and cardiovascular problems during or after pregnancy) and gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes in pregnant women has been specifically linked to a deficiency in B6 or pyridoxine which enables the pancreas to produce insulin. Deficient stores of the B-vitamin have been known to increase a pregnant woman’s tendency toward hypoglycemia.

Doctors say that the onset of gestational diabetes in pregnant women and type-2 diabetes in their offspring can be preempted through a healthy diet inclusive of foods that are rich with Vitamin B complex, examples of which have been mentioned previously. Pregnant women with special considerations such as those already mentioned above are advised to take in prenatal vitamins rich with B-vitamins with their present physician-prescribed and regulated diet.

The “Winter Baby” Syndrome

39Social studies have shown that often children born in winter months test more poorly, often don’t excel in School, and often earn less when they become adults. This mysterious social syndrome has for generation’s mystified researchers, and parents alike.

Could it be children born in the worse months in a colder climate have a natural social disadvantage, or is their more to this phenomenon then we think?

Often researchers tend to discover things by accident,. or by trial or error. Recent studies have shown that perhaps modern “Winter babies” are actually born in more disadvantaged families. More single Mothers tend to give birth in the winter months, then the summer months.

The School year may also make a difference, children born during the winter tend to be at school with younger siblings- older children who mix with younger children tend to be more immature, sociologists claim.

Another reason may be that that as “winter” children grow up, they spend their initial years in an inactive environment. Cold winters mean more time at home, were “summer” children tend to be spend their early years outdoors.

In Nordic countries were winters can be long and harsh, there is no evidence that the Countries themselves fail to achieve. Many Nordic Countries have a more modern social network, and a higher standard of living then other more developed Countries.

However, researchers do show the lack of light can create depression, and light therapy is becoming a common practice to offset the effects of depression in winter. Could Babies at an early age could have more chance to become depressed?.

Other theories include one theory that “winter” babies tend to lack vitamin D, because children born in the winter, tend to have sunshine then their summer counterparts.

Still there is no one theory that has answered the question, “Why so many Winter Babies, are less successful then summer babies,” but awareness of this may bring solutions that can help create more successful babies, who are born in the coldest months of the year.

Why Your Baby Needs to Use Organic Baby Formula

121Nowadays, the majority of the food products, health care items, cosmetics, and even household items are actually filled with chemical substances and artificial additives which aren’t just dangerous to the planet, but much more so for your overall health. Numerous studies show that synthetic substances put into the foods we all take in are directly linked to the spread of problems and conditions like heart disease, some kinds of cancer, and being diabetic. If our well-being as adults could be impacted in this kind of a powerful extent by synthetic chemicals, then what else with regards to the health of the children, particularly the very young toddlers?

It is not necessarily surprising then in which breastfeeding a baby happens to be encouraged as the essential resource for infant nutrition, then again, quite a few factors will affect a mother’s capability to breastfeed. More so, in the event the mom consumes foods loaded with chemical compounds and additives and uses products which are actually tainted by using unhealthy artificial materials, then it could be transferred to her own infant by means of breast milk. Providing for your child by using baby formula will not be the best solution until you go for an organic baby formula.

The reason organic baby formula is necessary to your infant

In scenarios where nursing may not be a good choice for your infant, finding the optimum baby formula to provide your child with can be a complicated job especially if you need to evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of non-organic as well as organic formula.

Opting to provide for your child by using organic baby formula is amongst the finest things you can do being a parent. It has several advantages that can’t be contained in non-organic formulas just like the reality that it contains from zero to a small number of possible long term allergens, allowing it to be very safe and secure for the child.

An infant possesses a pretty immature body that is certainly currently developing. In the first couple of months of your own baby’s lifetime, he or she is still growing his or her digestive system, eye sight, and are growing their bones and body. It is the reason it is so critical to pick out your baby’s nutrition needs wisely.

Choosing the right formula would mean selecting to provide for your little one a toxin-and-harmful-additives-free formula for your baby in order to avoid any sort of difficulties for their progression.

The very best organic baby formula contains further nutrients which have been formulated safe for your infant contrary to conventional or ordinary baby formulas. Organic brands include added health supplements contained in them just like ARA, DHA, and also iron that are often plant-based or even milk-based and aren’t as a result of synthetic methods like those in typical baby formulas, leading them to be the ideal option for your child.

With those things pointed out, it’s rather obvious why organic baby formula is necessary for your baby and their very own well-being. Considering the array of accessible brands on the market now, you should never have any issue locating the optimal formula in order to meet your own baby’s health and nutritional needs.

The Interesting Ways Males Make Use Of In Order To Cope With Breakups

Men tend to cope with splits fairly in different ways when compared with ladies and this really is for the reason that males are a lot less verbal. They are doing things such as: begin online dating somebody else quite swiftly, pick up a whole new hobby and devote almost all their effort concentrating on it, or even stay in the house by themselves until eventually they are able to collect their opinions and feel prepared to head out into the community again. Women of all ages should be aware of this if they’re going to go out with guys because the gentleman they are in a relationship with has possibly broken up with another person in the past and the bad romantic relationship is going to impact their up coming relationship. Women are often upset when their ex-boyfriend’s Facebook relationship status abruptly adjusts out of single and then to in a relationship in just a few days or less right after their separation. This is just one of the techniques how men deal with breakups. As an alternative to lounging around sulking as well as contemplating, he broke up with me now he’s substituted me, understand that this particular fresh partnership is simply means for him to relieve his injured self confidence. This approach truly is not a method to figure out how he feels about yourself. If you want to understand how to know if he misses you after a breakup, provide him with a bit of time and breathing room. Hang on for a couple days before you think about sitting yourself down to have a discussion about your long term. Odds are, if perhaps there was a good cause for your split up, you will have moved on to a new relationship during that amount of time. Rather than feeling miserable and weeping my boyfriend broke up with me, you will end up happier with the daily life without having him. In unusual situations, these times separated enables the two people to grow enough that they can reunite and create an improved relationship. This could take plenty of dedication on your side and also him and it may possibly not be worth the effort. Keep in mind that it’s really not your job to assist him through the split up. You aren’t his counselor and should concentrate on your own health. Nonetheless, in the event you discover he is displaying self destructive actions for example substance misuse or maybe following you, it might be necessary to alert other people who is able to aid him.